Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here Piggy Piggy!!!!!!

WIP of stylised warthog model- Low poly base mesh from an old game mesh I had laying around- though I think I do need to push the model loads more - need to look at some extravegant sculptures of MAD PIGS!!! on the web - though its seems difficult to find a good front on view of a warthog-hence none in the WIP image above.

- Got my version of MudBox v1- WOOT!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Beta version of MudBox expires tonight I hope I get my legit copy soon (Hurrah for credit cards) -though this sketch will ahve to be the last laboured one I do.As the next one will have to be a lot quicker as a sketch otherwise - I wont have as mutch time in the evenings as "crunch time" is now apon us at work.

And the game we are working on needs loads of animation -so modeling stuff will have to take a back seat- for while.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updated Gangster

Just finishing him off, I'm not going to do any more on him, gotta move onto other sketches once I am more confidant in Mudbox I will get more detailed -besides its supposed to be asketch... anyway Hope to post another mudbox portrait sketch by the end on this week.

Start up with some older stuff

Some older 3D sketches/WIPS done in Mudbox

Gangster Sketch

Monster Sketch

I will be doing some 2D stuff to soo I promise...